About Our Voter Guide

Our Voter Guide provides all the information a voter could need. Learn about upcoming elections and what's on the ballot, check guidance on how to register, find your polling place, and review your voting rights -- all the essentials to ensure a successful voting experience.

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Voting Rights

Download a pocket-sized Voter Rights card before heading to the polls, available in Chinese, Khmer, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese with support from APABA-PACeiba, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and SEAMAAC. Help us remove one more barrier to voting! Support this project via GoFundMe.


Get all the most important voter tools and resources in one place with Seventy's new WeVote app, available for free in the app store for iOS users and in Google Play for Android users.

For questions about Seventy's Voter Guide, please contact bettergov@seventy.orgSeventy appreciates the generous support of the Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation for this project.