Good government doesn't just mean doing what's legal; it means doing what's right. Seventy works hard to see that public officials are doing the right thing. And an important part of that is giving those officials clear guidelines and rules that help them not just comply with the law but serve you with honor and effectiveness. For instance, Seventy advocates for the creation of a permanent Inspector General within the City Charter to root out waste, fraud and corruption throughout the entire government. Seventy also supports the Philadelphia Board of Ethics (whose creatin we fought for) in continuing to enfore the city's campaign finance, lobbying and political activity laws.

Important Resources:

  • The Philadelphia Board of Ethics, in addition to its enforcement responsbilities, hosts online databases on campaign finance, lobbying and financial disclosures of city officials.
  • The Office of the Inspector General investigates reports of fraud and corruption in city government in addition to ensuring strict rules on city contracts are followed.
  • The Chief Integrity Officer works proactively to avoid potential issues by providing ethics training and guidance for city employees and officials. Visit IntegrityWorks for an overview of the city's public watchdogs and their responsibilities.

All three agencies are available to contact for questions or reports of potential wrongdoing.
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