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2021 Election Results

May 18, 2021 Primary Elections Results

What Is Up

for Elections?


At the statewide level there are several races on the ballot where registered Republicans and Democrats will select nominees for the November 2, 2021 general election. The nominees are up for election for vacancies on the Pennsylvania State Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth courts. There are also four statewide ballot questions with proposed changes to the Pennsylvania Constitution. Also, there were local elections held in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

County Elections Results
Bucks County
Chester County
Delaware County
Montgomery County
Philadelphia County

Pennsylvania Appellate Court Elections

PA Supreme Court
Maria McLaughlin (D) | Kevin Brobson (R)
Democrat Maria McLaughlin and Republican Kevin Brobson each won their respective primary for the spot on the PA Supreme Court created by Chief Justice Thomas Saylor’s (R) mandatory retirement at the age of 75. Justice Max Baer (D), a 73-year-old from Allegheny County, will succeed the Chief Justice due to his seniority on the Court. Currently, Democrats hold a 5-2 majority on the seven-member court which is the highest in the Commonwealth and oldest appellate court in the nation. To learn more about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and requirements to run refer to
Superior Court
Timika Lane (D) | Megan Sullivan (R)
Democrat Timika Lane and Republican Megan Sullivan will be up for election during the general election for the spot of retiring Judge Susan Gantman (R). Currently, Republicans hold a 8-7 majority on the 15-member court. Established in 1895, the Superior Court is one of two statewide intermediate appellate courts, meaning cases heard in lower courts (e.g. Court of Common Pleas) can be heard again in the Superior Court on appeal. The Superior Court hears most criminal and civil cases, as well as appeals that involve families or children. To learn more about the Superior Court and requirements to run refer to
Commonwealth Court
Lori A. Dumas (D) | David Spurgeon (D) | Drew Compton (Incumbent; R) | Stacy Marie Wallace (R)
There are two spots up for election on the Commonwealth Court, as President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt (R) is retiring and Judge Drew Compton (R) must run to retain his seat which he was appointed to in 2020. The two Democrats who will be in the general election are Lori A. Dumas and David Spurgeon. The two Republicans who will be in the general election are Drew Compton (Incumbent) and Stacy Marie Wallace. Currently Republicans hold a 7-2 majority on the nine-member court. The Commonwealth Court was established in 1968 and is unique to Pennsylvania. One of two statewide intermediate appellate courts, the Commonwealth Court is primarily responsible for matters involving state and local governments and regulatory agencies. It also acts as a trial court when lawsuits are filed by or against the Commonwealth. To learn more about the Commonwealth Court and requirements to run refer to

Statewide Ballot Questions

Termination or Extension of Emergency Declaration Amendment
This amendment would provide a new exception to traditional legislative procedure by allowing the General Assembly to terminate or extend a disaster emergency declaration or a portion of such declaration without needing the Governor’s approval with a simple majority vote. This only applies to disaster emergency declarations issued by the Governor. This amendment passed. To learn more visit, _Legislative_Resolution_to_Extend_or_Terminate_ Emergency_Declaration_Amendment_(May_2021).
Emergency Declaration Amendment
This amendment would add a new section to Article IV of the Pennsylvania Constitution stating that a disaster emergency declaration will expire automatically after 21 days, regardless of the severity of the emergency, unless the General Assembly takes action to extend the disaster emergency. Also, the General Assembly would be required to pass new laws establishing the manner in which each type of disaster shall be managed. This amendment passed. To learn more visit, _Emergency_Declarations_Amendment_(May_2021).
Equal Rights Regardless of Race or Ethnicity Amendment
This amendment would result in language being added to the Pennsylvania Constitution prohibiting the denial or abridgment of one’s rights due to their race or ethnicity. This amendment passed. To learn more visit, _Equal_Rights_Regardless_of_Race_or_Ethnicity _Amendment_(May_2021)
Making Municipal Fire and Emergency Medical Services Companies Eligible for Loans
This measure would lead to the inclusion of municipal fire companies and EMS services in the state’s loan program for volunteer fire services and ambulance services. This measure was approved. To learn more visit, _Municipal_Fire_and_ EMS_Services_Loans_Measure_(May_2021)