November 5 PA Races and Candidates

Use this page to learn about the state and local candidates in the November 5 general election. *The PA Voter ID Law is NOT in effect for the November 5 election*

State Offices

Justice of the Supreme Court (No vacancies)

Judge of the Superior Court (1 vacancy)

Judge of the Commonwealth Court (No vacancies)

Note: Although there are currently no vacancies on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, two judges will be up for retention in the November 2013 election; two Superior Court judges are also standing for retention. Retention elections allow you to choose whether or not a justice should remain on the bench for another ten year term by voting "yes" or "no." On the Commonwealth Court, there are no vacancies or retention elections.

Click here to see ratings on the four state-level judges standing for retention as determined by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Local Philadelphia Offices

City Controller

District Attorney

Judge of Court of Common Pleas (Vacancies: Philadelphia-6, Bucks County-0, Chester County-2, Delaware County-2, Montgomery County-2)

Judge of Philadelphia Municipal Court (3 vacancies)

Judge of Traffic Court (*No elections*)

Judge of Elections

Inspector of Elections

Click here to see ratings on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court judges standing for retention as determined by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

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